Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Camouflage Poster | Kimber Bates

Above One of ninety posters designed by graphic design students at the University of Northern Iowa, to advertise an upcoming talk on WWI ship camouflage by RISD scholar Claudia Covert. This is one of three posters designed by Kimber Bates. Copyright © 2012 by the designer. All rights reserved.


Anon, “The Woman’s Exchange” in the Evening Public Ledger-Philadelphia, October 21, 1918, p. 10—

Some of the new up-to-the-minute costumes for Halloween are the camouflage girl, the farmerette, the munition worker, Liberty or the Belgian girl. The camouflage girl wears a little camouflaged boat for a hat. This can be made of cardboard and fits right down close on the head. The rest of her costume is made up of various shades of cambric sewn in zigzag stripes just as a boat is painted in camouflage style.