Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Camouflage Poster | Ian Tucker

Above One of ninety posters designed by graphic design students at the University of Northern Iowa, to advertise an upcoming talk on WWI ship camouflage by RISD scholar Claudia Covert. This is one of three posters designed by Ian Tucker. Copyright © 2012 by the designer. All rights reserved.


Gerald H. Thayer, "Camouflage in Nature and War" in Brooklyn Museum Quarterly. Vol 10 (1923), p. 161—

Whereas concealment has to do mainly with motionless objects, distortion is concerned for the most part with objects in motion. The moving object cannot, as a rule, be hidden, but it can be made less definite, more puzzling, a more "tricky" and difficult target, by certain arrangements of color and pattern. This my father [artist and naturalist Abbott H. Thayer] and I pointed out in 1909 in our book Concealing Coloration in the Animal Kingdom; and we there used the terms "dazzle" and "dazzling" very much as they have since been used in connection with the camouflage of ships.