Thursday, October 11, 2012

Camouflage Poster | Abbey Dentel

Above On Wednesday, October 31 (Halloween), Claudia Covert (scholar and librarian at the Fleet Library, Rhode Island School of Design) is coming to our university to talk about World War I dazzle ship camouflage, and the wonderful RISD collection of 455 color lithography diagrams of marine camouflage plans from that era. We're so excited about the event. In anticipation, about thirty of our graphic design students have each designed three posters (90 different posters!) to celebrate her visit. Over the coming weeks, a selection of these will be posted on this blog. This one (which features a dazzle camouflage plan by Everett L. Warner) is by Abbey Dentel. Copyright © 2012 by the designer. All rights reserved.


G.F. Norton, quoted in Norman Wilkinson, A Brush With Life. London: Seeley Service, 1969, p. 78—

Captain Schmidt at the periscope.
You need not fall and faint.
For it's not the vision of drug or dope,
But only the dazzle paint.