Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hypothetical Dazzle Camouflage Schemes | Part 8

Above Hypothetical dazzle ship camouflage schemes (2016) by Roy R. Behrens, "in the style" of four famous artists. Can you name them? Answers are at the bottom of this blogpost. more>>>


Henry B. Beston, Full Speed Ahead: Tales from the Log of a Correspondent with Our Navy. Garden City NY: Doubleday, Page and Co, 1919, pp. 122-123—

I have an indistinct memory of a terrible mess [a WWI dazzle-camouflaged ship] of milky-pink, lemon yellow and rusty black, which earned for the vessel displaying it the odious title of "The Boil." We saw the prize monstrosity in mid-ocean. Every school of camouflage had evidently had a chance at her. She was striped, she was blotched; she was painted in curves; she was slashed with jagged angles; she was bone gray; she was pink; she was purple; she was green; she was blue; she was egg yellow. To see her was to gasp and turn aside. We had quite a time picking a suitable name for her, but finally decided on the Conscientious Objector, though her full title was "The State of Mind of a CO on Being Sent to the Front."

Answers (top to bottom) Charles Willson Peale, Georges Seurat, Gustave Caillebotte, and Grant Wood.