Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hypothetical Dazzle Camouflage Schemes | Part 4

Above Hypothetical dazzle ship camouflage schemes (2016) by Roy R. Behrens, "in the style" of four famous artists. Can you name them? Answers are at the bottom of this blogpost. more>>>


Anon, Camouflage at Sea in The Sailors’ Magazine and Seamen’s Friend, 1918, p. 154—

All styles of camouflage are on the highways and byways of the sea.… Some go in for color and some for line. Our own ship’s style is suggestive of the old court jester’s suits, with parti-colored diamond patches. Black-and-white effects are very fetching, however, with the lines caught up into unexpected turns and slashes and bows.

Answers (top to bottom) Diego Velasquez, Conrad Marca-Relli, Charles Sheeler, and Corita Kent.