Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crime Spree | The Perfect Camouflage Artist(s)

Fougasse, Punch cartoon (1918)
Above Cyril Kenneth Bird (aka Fougasse), "The Perfect Camouflage Artist" (Before and After) in Punch, November 20, 1918, p. 331.


Anon, THIEVES USE CAMOUFLAGE in Indianapolis News, August 7, 1920—

Columbus IN, August 7—Jesse McNeal, a farmer living east of this city, noticed footprints in his potato patch and was unable to account for them until he started digging potatoes for his own use. He learned that thieves had entered the patch, robbed many hills and had replaced the plants so skillfully that the loss could not be learned until an attempt was made to dig the potatoes.


Anon, POTATO CROOKS BEWARE! in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 27, 1920—

Pachogue NY, September 27—If anyone comes up before County Judge George Furman of Suffolk County for stealing potatoes he probably will "get all that is coming to him." Judge Furman had an acre of potatoes planted this spring and spent over $125 in planting and raising them. There would have been a crop of over 200 bushels, but the Judge harvested only 100 bushels. Thieves took the balance. To camouflage their operations they pulled up the vines, took off the potatoes and stuck the vines in the ground again.


Anon, ST LOUIS THIEVES CAMOUFLAGE SAFE WHILE THEY ROB IT in Albuquerque Journal, January 31, 1933—

St Louis, January 30—Camouflage was employed by burglars who looted a grocery company's window safe of $350 and some checks last weekend.

They turned the strong box around so the back would be visible from the street, pasted eight dummy hinges, two false knobs and a likeness of a dial on the back and set to work.