Friday, June 21, 2013

Dazzle-Camouflaged Coffee Cups

Dazzle-painted coffee cups © Roy R. Behrens (2013)
G.A. Martin, "Camouflaged Ship at Close Range Looks Like House Afire" in El Paso Herald, Editorial and Magazine Page, December 13, 1918, p. 6—

Instead of being some dark color as one would imagine, they [WWI dazzle-painted ships] are painted in the most fantastic designs, and a crazy quilt is a model of accuracy compared to the streaks and stripes on a camouflaged ship. They start at the prow with a black streak, perhaps, that may resemble the figure 7 or something else as grotesque and follow this all the way back with alternate streaks and stripes of white, yellow, pale blue and other colors.

The complicated whole very much resembles a futurist or cubist painting and a close view reminds you of looking at a zebra after a session of several hours with a few quarts of champagne, if you can imagine how a zebra would look under such circumstances.

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