Friday, February 26, 2010

Reviews of Camoupedia: A Great Book

Excerpts from early reviews of Roy R. Behrens, CAMOUPEDIA: A Compendium of Research on Art, Architecture and Camouflage. First edition. Bobolink Books, 2009. 6 x 9 in. 472 pp. 344 illustrations. Includes subject timeline, extensive bibliography and index—

"Everything you ever wanted to know about camouflage." —Design Observer

"A delightful look at camouflage in war and peace… You will be surprised at the number of famous artists and designers [who were] involved in war camouflage work." —Western Front Association

"[This is] a leading contemporary source book." —Leonardo (MIT Press)

"Behrens' archaeological attention to detail and captivating style of writing leads the reader to uncharted territories stretching along the no man's land between academic diciplines… [this book is an encyclopedic presentation of the [author's] vast body of findings in camouflage… [it] opens doors to few frontiers in a number of understudied areas of art and military history." —Laszlo Muntean, Mute Magazine

"[This is] scholarly research and writing that is readable—nothing is hidden." —Richard Zakia, author and Emeritus Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

"[This book is] worthy of unspoken praise." —Armada International

"For those interested in ship camouflage, this is a great book." —Ship Chat

"Encompassing everything from Picasso to the evolution of mice, it is an essential reference for anyone interested in the subject and its broader context…it is a testament to the authority of Behrens' research and his contagious love for the subject." —Designers Review of Books

"For Behrens, the import of studying camouflage is a thesis for how art and design communicate. In other words, what is the psychological impact of patterns, color, values, emphasis, scale and space as the basis for visual language?" —David Versluis, DCAIGA