Sunday, April 1, 2018

Woodpecker Compared to Dazzle Camouflaged Ship

Hypothetical ship camouflage / ivory-billed woodpecker
Above Provocative justaposition of John James Audubon's portrayal of a woodpecker with the design of a hypothetical camouflaged ship in the style of American artist Corita Kent.


Unsigned, CAPTAIN SAW U-BOAT OFF NEW YORK HARBOR In The Washington Times, July 26, 1918, p. 13—

Boston, July 26—The captain of a coal steamer now at this port believes he sighted a large German submarine off Fire Island NY last Sunday at noon. He was confident she was German, he said, as her superstructure was different from that of American undersea boats. She was lying on the surface a mile distant.

There was a light fog at the time and the captain of the coaler expressed the opinion that the haze and the steamer's camouflage prevented the submarine from sighting him.  He estimated the length of the submarine at between 300 and 400 feet.