Saturday, September 9, 2017

USS West Galoc in Freshly Painted Camouflage

Above Photographs of the two sides of the USS West Galoc (port and starboard), with its newly applied dazzle camouflage. These were probably taken in August 1918, concurrent with the publication of the newspaper story below. NH 99391 and NH 106230.


Anon, EARLY SERVICE SEEN FOR LA-BUILT SHIP. Los Angeles Herald. No 252, August 22, 1918—

The [USS] West Galoc, the 8800-ton vessel constructed, equipped and manned in Los Angeles harbor, today was formally in the possession of the government, ready for service wherever the Shipping Board desired to dispatch her. The vessel, with its coat of camouflage, was turned over to the government after all tests had been completed and the boat found to be perfect. The vessel will have a crew of about 100, practically all of the men having received their training at the station at San Pedro. The men from the station who went aboard the vessel expressed themselves as delighted at the prospect of immediate service.