Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dazzle Camouflage Stockings

Calvert H. Smith, camouflage stockings cartoon (1919)
Above Wartime cartoon by Calvert H. Smith of "camouflage stockings" in Harper's Magazine, September 1919.


From CAMOUFLAGE STOCKING LATEST LONDON CRAZE in the Windsor Evening Record (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) November 3, 1917, page 12—

The Camouflage stocking has appeared in London. By imitating camouflage combinations used in fighting zones, difficulties of chorus managers in finding substitutes for many Venuses who have become war workers will be solved.

Certain camouflage combinations are said to make curves where this is slimness and slimness where curves are too pronounced.

The present skirt vogue is held responsible for the yellow and black and pink gray creations seen on Bond and Regent streets.


From the Sunday Times (Sydney AU), September 5, 1926, p. 17—

Camouflage is being utilized in the make-up of hosiery for fat ankles. Silk hose have been introduced which are guaranteed to make the fattest ankles look slim. The effect is produced by means of hand-painted shadows, which appear on either side of the ankle, giving the plumpest ankle an apparently graceful arch and the plumpest leg a slim outline.