Sunday, February 9, 2014

Truly Dazzling WW1 Ship Camouflage

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Above There are countless examples of astonishing dazzle camouflage schemes from World War I (as well as World War II, despite spurious internet claims that deny it), but this must be one of the finest. It's a photograph of the starboard side of the SS Australglen, a British Commonwealth cargo ship (c1918-19). Below on this page is a close-up view of the wonderfully elaborate pattern on the ship's bow. The original photograph, made by Allan C. Green, is in the collection of the Victoria State Library AU.

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Anon, from CAMOUFLAGE BLAMED FOR AUTO ACCIDENT in the Toledo Blade (Toledo OH) on February 17, 1943—

An unintentional camouflage resulted in injuries to Alberta Scharf…she changed in a suit filed in Common Pleas Court yesterday. She asks $10,000 from the Motor Express…as the result of a collision [on] Fitchland Avenue, February 22, 1942.

"The color, shape, construction and height of the truck, with the contour and topography of Fitchland Avenue, blended with the roadway, foliage, trees and shrubbery to make the unlighted truck almost invisible," she charged.