Thursday, January 16, 2014

Camouflaged Cars

We've posted on camouflaged cars before, notably on the Kissel Kar and an ambulance that was camouflaged by the US Women's Camouflage Corps. But we still keep finding more and more. A recent discovery is the British dental car above. But we also found a newspaper article with the headline CHANDLER 'CAMOUFLAGE CAR' IN DISAPPEARING ACT in the New York Sun, on September 23, 1917, p. 6. There is a photo of the car, but it's of such poor quality that it's not worth reproducing here. Nevertheless, here's what the unsigned article says—

Motorcycle policemen, magistrates and justices of the peace are to be eliminated as sources of trouble.

How are they going to "get" you if they can't see you? They can't, that's all. They are through, down and out, and will have to go to work.

It's all very easy. It's "camouflage."

If your car is painted in the magic colors that the French at the front have found melt into the landscape and make the whole outfit invisible at certain distances, what chance will the motorcycle policeman have either to time you or to catch you? Even if your "camouflaged" cap and mask should come off and he should see your face sailing through space on invisible wings, how could he convict you of speeding? One cannot do much with a face of this kind if it is not connected up with something.

The crowds in front of the show window of the Brady-Murray Motor Corporation on Broadway and Sixty-Second Street , where an "invisible Chandler car" is on exhibition, speculate on the kind of service the strangely mottled creation has been giving at the battle front. It is a mysterious car that is worth a lot of study. An army officer is responsible for the strange curves and waves and splotches of color that have made the car scientifically and artistically invisible.

Assurances are generally given at Brady-Murray headquarters that there is a real car under the strange disguise.

"Of course it's real," said a salesman to a skeptic yesterday. "Let somebody offer to buy it and then you'll see how real it is. It will come out of the camouflage with a jump."

The car will be on exhibition for several days.

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