Monday, July 8, 2013

Ship Camouflage Poster | L.A. Shafer

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Above During World War I, those artists (civilian or military) who were not assigned to camouflage contributed in other ways. In the US, for example, a considerable number of artists designed recruiting, fundraising and propaganda posters. This particular one of a brightly dazzle-painted ship was produced in 1918 by an American artist named Leon Alaric Shafer (1866-1940), better known as L.A. Shafer.


From "WILL EXHIBIT 'CAMOUFLAGE'" in the Washington Post, December 30, 1917, p. 14—

"Camouflage" will play an interesting part in the fourteenth national motorboat show at Grand Central Palace, New York. There will be at least one exhibit illustrating in models how "camouflage" is applied to ships in the form of war paint. "Camouflage" as painted these days has all the evidence of an escaped lunatic having enjoyed an orgy with paint pots.