Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ghost Army Camouflage Film on PBS

Premiering late May 2013 on PBS television

At last, coming soon to public television (Tuesday, May 21 on most PBS channels) is Rick Beyer's long-awaited documentary on the World War II American Army camouflage and deception unit, The Ghost Army. Below is a background starter, but the website has much more—

In June 1944, a secret US Army unit went into action in Normandy. The weapons they deployed were decidedly unusual: hundreds of inflatable tanks and a one-of-a-kind collection of sound effects records. Their mission was to use bluff, deception, and trickery to save lives. Many were artists, some of who would become famous, including a budding fashion designer named Bill Blass. They painted and sketched their way across Europe, creating a unique visual record of their journey. The story of what these men accomplished was hushed up by the Pentagon for more than forty years. more>>>