Thursday, February 14, 2013

Models by Jim Baumann & Wolfgang Kring

Model of the HMS Furious © Jim Baumann

Some time ago, in earlier posts, we featured the amazing work of two ship modelers, Jim Baumann (from the UK) and Wolfgang Kring (from Germany). They have since supplied us with other examples of models bearing camouflage. Above (bottom) is a photo of the port side of Baumann's model of the HMS Furious, as dazzle-painted during World War I. Above that is a contemporaneous photograph of the opposite side of the same ship. Although there are some color photographs from those years and even before, there are no color photographs of camouflaged ships.

The photos below are details of a model by Wolfgang Kring of a bizarre WWII camouflage plan that was applied to the German battleship the Tirpitz while it was being fitted out at the Kriegsmarine Werft, at Wilhelmshaven, Germany (c1939). Positioned in front of a section of buildings, the ship's camouflage was an attempt at mimicryit was painted to resemble the brick walls, windows, doors and other features of the buildings behind it.

Model of the Tirpitz © Wolfgang Kring