Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Camouflage from Silhouettes

© Roy R. Behrens 2012

From Everett L. Warner, "Marine Camouflage" in The Bush Magazine of Factory and Shipping Economy. January 15, 1918, pp. 12-14. Reprinted in Roy R. Behrens, ed., SHIP SHAPE: A Dazzle Camouflage Sourcebook (2012), with diagrams redrawn—

IF YOU WILL cut out of black paper the silhouette of a steamer as in Figure 1, you will see that on a dark boat painted in one solid color the contour is perfectly visible. Cut exactly the same silhouette out of a column of fine print and you have something equivalent to low visibility camouflage (see Figure 2). It is less visible than the first, but the outline of the steamer can still be discerned. Figure 3, where the pattern of a steamer has been cut out of larger type, illustrates the dazzle system in camouflage, and you will note that the contour of the vessel is now exceedingly difficult to determine.