Saturday, December 26, 2009

Camouflage at MIT

From "Camouflage Apparatus at MIT" in Technology Review. Vol XXI (1919), p. 321—

On the second floor of Building One [at MIT], there is one of the most complete camouflage sets in this country. The apparatus, drawings, and models came from Washington, New York, and Boston. After the signing of the armistice, Mr. Blume proposed to give the results of the research done by the Navy Department and the Emergency Fleet Corporation to Technology. He sent the camouflage theater, models and other apparatus. Mr. William A. Mackay contributed to this set many models designed in New York. A complete assortment of the results obtained and of instructions is also due to the kindness of Mr. Mackay…

Professor Peabody invites anyone interested to visit the camouflage room. The visit must be made under the personal supervision of Professor Peabody, so only one or two are asked to come at one time.

[According to MIT, the current location of these artifacts is unknown.—RB]